Building a forum and repeating groups

Hello! I’m building a forum of sorts, and I’ve finally got stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to create a homepage where there is a list of ‘groups’ or communities on the left-hand side, and the ‘discussion’ associated with each one sits in the middle of the page.

When you click on a group, you can still see all the groups on the left-hand side, but only the content in the middle would change. The only external example I can think of at the moment would be Elpha.

My guess is that the ‘group’ list on the left-hand side is a recurring group. I can’t work out how to duplicate the page so only the middle content is changing (header stays the same). Would anyone be able to help or let me know I’m on the right track? Thanks, Julia

Hi, you can keep it all on one page. The discussion should be a repeating group which updates based on the community selected.

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Liike @ed727 said, you should base the content in the middle of the page on which group is selected.

You could do this several ways, but let’s assume you have the following data types:

  • Group
    – Name (text)
    – Discussion (Discussions)
  • Discussion
    – Discussion title (text)
    – Group (group)

On the left hand side, you’d have a repeating group of Groups. When one of those Groups is clicked, you set a variable that changes the middle’s content. This can be done a bunch of ways, but let’s just say you set the middle group’s data source to “current cell’s Group”

In the middle, you’d have a group (Let’s call it “Group Discussion Container”). In that group, you’d have your discussion group whose content is based on its parent group’s (Group Discussion Container) content. Your Discussion group would then have a data source something like “Parent Group’s Discussion” or “Search for Discussions (Group = Parent Group’s Group)”.

Whenever a new group is clicked, “Group Discussion Container” is changed to the new group, so your discussion group changes right along with it.

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Thanks so much, @ed727 for your reply, and thanks so much @nnich19 for replying and your long explanation! Really appreciated.

Now you’ve said it, it makes total sense. I was only thinking about the RHS being a group. I think what confused me was the fact the recurring group in the middle of the page is going to hold a long list of different messages, like a responsive feed.

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