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Building a (Klaviyo like) Email Automation Tool using Bubble!

Hey All, new here
I used to have a 6 figures online business, now Im converting into SaaS using Bubble :slight_smile:

Im building something that is almost finished, I just want to know exactly how to build this specific thing- Email Automation.
Im going to create a tool for my customers, so they can upload their email list on my bubble web app, and use my bubble web app’ to set up email automations (For example, once somebody optin in the newsletter, they will send them email, then if he responds will send email #2 if not will wait 3 days and send email #3 etc… (Exactly like Klaviyo flows if you ever used Klaviyo’ if not thats fine’ its a basic process)
So As you can see’ this web app needs mainly 2 things:

  1. let customers choose objects and design their email automation workflow
  2. (which is the most important)- let each users connect their gmail, and be able to run the email automation from bubble

Do you guys know how can I make it possible, do you have any experience with that or maybe recources which you came accross with?

Thanks so much! Already have 10 customers who are interested in that will update you guys if I manage to build it and scale to more customers :slight_smile:

Also interested in getting some answers about this :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this too, were you able to build it?