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Building a livestream platform

Hi guys. Newbie here. 

I am now working on a school project to build a platform which allow users to do livestream tutorial.

I am stuck as I have no idea how I can do the livestreaming function. 

What I want to achieve:

1. Teacher creates a virtual classroom by starting a livestream

2. Students can join the classroom and their names appear 

Anyone can help/ anyone has any suggestion? Thanks!!!!!

Hey there. You may wanna look into related plugins that utilize Livestream services. Brands like google and agora provide such services. I suggest you to look into “Easy Live Streaming with Agora” : Easy Live Streaming with Agora Plugin | Bubble

Good thing about this plugin is it is extremely simple and straight-forward to implement. I am sure you can handle this.

Keep up the good work!

You can build a webinar with Daily’s video chat plugin which is free. There is a webinar tutorial on that page. I think @lola might be able to help too. Maybe there is a template around.

According to this thread, you can do live streaming if your teacher needs to reach hundreds of students.

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Do look into the AtomChat Plugin if you want to achieve

  1. Teacher creates a virtual classroom by starting a livestream
  2. Students can join the classroom and their names appear.
    The plugin has text-chat, audio and video calling features available and also has moderation tools to keep conversations and online classrooms in check! It also has affordable pricing and great support!

Hey, @katechow27 definitely happy to help out with live streaming! @LEwlzeland is right you can quickly add live streams and enable other people to join your livestreaming room with the daily video chat plugin.

All you’ll need is a daily launch account, a rtmp URL and a stream key from your favorite streaming service (youtube works well and is pretty easy to setup here’s a guide on where to find that.

Let me know if you have any questions about that!

Hey @katechow27

We actually have a great tool we think you’ll love. So, instead of complex plugins, APIs and SDKs, with Simplelive you simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your website, and that’s it - full livestreaming functionality in your app just like that!

We’ve been in private beta and will be fully launching next week. See I’ll send you a PM as well. Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face: