Building a maintenance managing app - Need help!

Hi everybody!

I’m making an app/site for the company I’m working at as student. The app will be used to help the company with the evidence of the maintenance, it’s planning and more. I am not very practical with this stuff (I study mechanical engineering actually).
To build the app I’ve taken the Tasky - Projects+ Landing template to personalize it with the requirements of the company. As said, I’m not very practical with this stuff so I immediately impacted in some problems. The first and very important is: I have a database of machines in the company and I would like to display them in a table on the site - how do I do that? I started with making a new data base in Data/App data called “Brizgalnica_project” (sorry for the strange names, it’s in Slovenian language), inserting the needed informations in the data base. Is there a way to display the exact same table from the App data on a page?

If someone can help me I would be very grateful, I really need to complete this project as soon as possible because there’s not much time and I really don’t want to disappoint my boss.


  1. Create a new page.
  2. Add a repeating group.
  3. Within your repeating group, insert some text fields for the fields you wish to display.
  4. Then go into the data source for your RG and do a search for the records you wish to display.

Then, once you’ve done that and witnessed the infinite power and joy of bubble, I strongly suggest you go back and do the starting tutorials and watch the abundance of fantastic tutorial videos on youtube from experienced bubblers.


It worked, thanks very much!


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