Building a platform using Bubble


I’m new here and don’t know Bubble yet. I’m looking for a solution to build a platform that would manage widgets and data exchanges via API.

From a very high level view, here’s what I’m looking to achieve:

  • Building a platform that would manage allow me to create and manage widgets
  • Each widget would be placed on the website of a customer
  • Each widget would need to get and display information coming in real time from an API
  • We need to be able to personalise each widget’s colour and text fonts based on the client’s website design.
  • We need to be able to easily add new clients (basically, a non-technical person should be able to create a widget by entering the required information and generate the widget’s code).
  • All data exchanges need to be as secure as possible.

Each widget would be in the form of HTML code provided to the client that he would insert in an iFrame on his site.

This development needs to be futur proof and the below needs to be possible :

  • Have customer accounts and process payments on the platform. So the customers could configure some parts or all of the widgets and pay for the service by registering a credit card.
  • be able to adapt to other API formats depending of the technology provider used by the customer. So the widget would look the same, just using a different API format to get the information (same data but coming from a different provider).

Can something like this be done in Bubble ?
If yes, would you have a general idea of the budget required for such a development ?

Thanks for your help.

What sort of app is it and is the API consistent across widgets?

It would be a web based platform.
The API structure would be consistent across widgets. Just the data pushed would be unique/specific to each widget.

I meant, what sector, judging by your comments it is for payments? what sort of info comes from the widget to the database?

I can’t go into much detail about this, but basically it’s prices that come from the API and need to be displayed in the widget.
No payments are to be handled, it’s only for display purpose.

Oh, but that does make me think that the widget should also have customisable CTA (personalisation should be just for colour, font, URL). I don’t think it changes much from the initial description, but just in case it needs to be considered.

Hey and welcome to bubble.

Love to see new people choosing to develop on bubble, it’s a great platform and it’s excellent for developing quickly and also iterating at lighting fast speed.

I am the lead developer at Pitchblak.MVP. We are a Melbourne, Australia based company that helps startups and ideas get off the ground and ready for fund raising or scaling. Amongst other offerings like our Custom Playbook and coaching services we create apps.

Using bubble primarily but also integrating other no code tools we create quality products quickly so you can get users testing and iterating them.

We have years and years of experience (one of our members created the most popular plug-in in bubble: toolbox) and can help you with design and backend development.

To give you an idea of cost we would best set up a quick call so we can get a clear idea of what you want.

I’d love to chat more about your project, you can catch me here or you can email me at

Love and Peace, Chad

that could be possible with a few plugins