Building a plugin

hi I want to display plugin properties filed through conditionality anybody can guide me how to apply condition for display properties in editor section through conditionality

suppose I have a checkbox "enter name "
if enter name is true then I want to show name property on editor else no

hey @rapidskumar - simple, you can’t :smiley:

instead just expose all of the properties, and just use information sections to explain to the user which property will be used

kind of like how conditionals work in the conditions tab of an element

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@Kayami I understand what you are saying but in this plugin I think min 50 field need so we can’t show all field at once. we just trying to solve show minimum field as per conditions

But you can show that many fields

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@jared.gibb yes I know, but show 50 filed at once it’s not a good idea. That’s why we trying to show other field conditionally

It’s not possible.

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just show the 50 fields and group them sensibly, if it’s a useful plugin no one will care and they will use it :slight_smile:

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@Kayami Ohk good ideas

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