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Building a Single SPA for Responsive & Native vs. Two Versions

Hi everyone,

We are building an app that has a left sidebar look on desktop & shows/hides with a bottom floating nav (ios app style) when its on mobile. Essentially a fully responsive app, which will be contained on one page (SPA).

We are also looking at using BDK or Air Native to wrap the app so we can get it on the play & appstores.

I am finding heaps of different advice around “You’ve got to create a separate version for the wrapped app otherwise it won’t be accepted”. My preference is to only build the app once as a fully responsive app & wrap that. Can those with experience please chime in & set it straight? If I did this, will I be able to wrap the app or is creating a second page that is native-specific essential?

Also, I was thinking of starting at desktop size and reducing for mobile, but Ive heard of having page dimensions at mobile & making it responsive for desktop too. Thoughts?