Building a Threads like-app, what're your thoughts?

Hey everyone,

I’ve just joined Threads and noticed that it’s not much more than an MVP. At first glance, their feature set appears weak. They don’t even have a direct messaging option, browser access or the ability to share GIFs. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, but I must say, seeing what Meta has built with dozens of engineers, it’s disappointing.

After joining and exploring the platform a bit, I decided to build a Threads-like app just for fun. I’ve built a simple version of their feed page utilizing from the Amazing Mention Tag. In the process, I also tested our plugin. So, it was like hitting two birds with one stone.

Here is the page that I’ve built: Feed

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. How many hours do you think it would take to build Threads with all its functions on Bubble? What’s your take on this?

Building an app like threads to push to so many people I imagine is a very different task than publishing an MVP. They’ve onboarded 50million people in a single day with threads, I can’t even imagine how much time must be dedicated to just investigating bugs, and not even new development. They’ll likely release each feature at a time in certain geographies, and go through the whole testing phase, before moving to the next one. Better to have a simpler app that works and is scalable than a more complicated one that doesn’t.

I found this page on how facebook pushes work Rapid release at massive scale - Engineering at Meta

Their tech stack is a lot more complicated than ours, and they have billions of current users who need to be able to easily create a threads account - the time cost of QA, bug investigation etc is massive. If we push a change that has some bugs for a few people it’s not a huge deal, if they push a new app they’ve spent millions on and there’s a major bug they’ve just screwed up their best chance at a launch.


You’re absolutely right and I agree with you. They have much higher responsibilities. However, I’d still expect it to have a feature that offers a different experience than its competitors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :v:

Five hours to build a replica.