Building a videoconferencing app on Bubble?

@NigelG Nigel I just saw this and am super interested in seeing the editor view of this. I’ve been looking for a realtime videoconferencing feature as well

So easy it makes you wonder how it can work !

I just put this in an HTML element.

If you generated something instead of “bubbletruble” each time … you would have a unique room to share.


Haha, really true!
This is actually really great.
Does anyone have any experience with’s video quality.
Did a bit of googling, and from what I can tell people find both video and sound quality good.

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I use regularly for my day job. We’re a $2bn company, so it works well enough :slight_smile:


It is WebRTC based, like Ziggeo, so should be peer to peer. Largely based upon your networks not theirs.

Hi Nigel, this is great! I got as far as the HTML element. My question is how generate something. developer’s site, shares a function appearin.getRandomRoomName() but I’m not sure how/where to do the generation piece in Bubble.

Any idea? Is it a Javascript block somewhere?

That would need the SDK which we won’t have in Bubble.

You could generate a random set of words yourself and then insert that into the HTML.

I really like Slack for team messaging. You can even integrate blockspring with it. It’s so good with customization.
The base of it is, however, extremely simple.
It’s more of a professional solution, as opposed to a personal solution though.

How did it go David? Succes? Would love to hear your experiences.

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Hey Nigel, everyone,
I just clicked on the link and found it’s been blocked now due to a trademark infringement. Would you have a new way of having video conferencing through Bubble?
Thanks in advance

Have you tried Jitsi?
There’s a good post on it here on the forums through a quick search.

Actually reading up on it right now hehe. Thanks for coming back on it though. Any post in particular that clearly explains how to implement jitsi?

I see a few high level explanations but no clear step 1-2-3 or video. If we’d have that, I believe we could close a lot of threads/link them into the same thread.

Would love to be updated about this topic as well

Seems there’s a plugin in the making as well.

I got this working quickly by following this thread.

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I’m just in the process of building a chat/video app for one of my current customers and I’ve started to use the plugin instead of the html.
Works like a charm. Great work by Scalable Studio with this!

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did you figure it out? the plugin doesn’t have instructions, but I am able to start a meeting but is asking for the host to accept me in the room…???

I did indeed work it out.
There are two jitsi-plugins available and we tried both.
Ended up using this one:

It works fine and we are using it several times a week ourselves.
The one thing we’ve not managed to work out to our liking is making the video session password protected.


thanks, it’s working fine for me as well (same plugin). great work!