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Building a Visual mind mapping tool like Coggle, Miro is possible?

Hello Bubblers!
Is it possible to build a visual mind mapping SaaS app with Bubble?
What will be some good resources to begin with?


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hey did you find an answer elsewhere? I am looking for the answer just for the part of how to create a “real-time” input, you know what I mean? That you type something and autosaves the new thing.

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You would need to build a custom plugin on the mindmup library.

Ricardo, Masterdev, did you find a solution? I am also interested in developing a mindmap application in Bubble.

Same here. I’d like to build a mindmap app as well.

me too we can work on an mvp together

any updates here - my bank account wants to spend some cash on this future plugin

Agreed, this would make a great plugin addition

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I started working on this today :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


Hi, any updates with this plugin?