Building a visual xml it possible?


I will be honest, I am thoroughly inexperienced both with any real programming, apart from xmls and excel macros, and Bubble. What I would like to ask, is whether you think creating what I need (will explain below) is possible using Bubble! If you think it’s possible, I’ll put in the time to learn and figure it out, I just don’t want to waste it if in the end, it won’t be possible at all.


I work with xml files. They are always the same format, with the same type of attributes, but the number of them varies. (For example, sometimes one branch will have 3 sub-branches, sometimes it’ll have 5 or whathever. The same type, with the same kind of information, but yeah).

What I would like to have, is an app where if I upload an xml file, it’ll display the data “nicely” (I know what each attribute means, I just need it to display it. For example, if there is a line somewhere with Name_EN=XYZ, I’d like for it to be displayed as XYZ at a sepcific place and so on. I can make sense of the data, I know what all of it is, I just need it displayed in a user friendly way, from an xml file that’s always gonna be slightly different, even if it’s structured the same and the attributes are the same.

But there is a more complicated part, I need to be able to change the xml data, according to user input. So for example, if the user changed the name to LMNOP, in the end, it’d be that in the xml file.

Then in the end, I’d also need the changed xml file, with the same structure back.

I know it sounds quite complicated. A friend and I built a javascript app with some of these features, but I need more and he is no longer available to help (it’s a side project at work we did together and he quit a while ago, I did the data structure he did the programming, so now i’m shot).

I think if I can do it, it’ll need to be with using integromat for the actual xml parsing and handling, but I really don’t know what I’m doing. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if this is something you think is possible!
Thanks in advance!