Building an AI tool for accounting

Hello Everyone ;

I 'am just discovering Bubble and that is amazing to build quickly applications for Every kind of businesses.

I have a request from a tax lawyer that have a large database of pdf files ,word files,emails and a proprietary database.

All this files contains data from customers and he wants to make them searchable to extract valuable information from them.

He wants also to have workflows to feed the application.

Is there a way to integrate chatgpt into bubble to have this data there a good bubble plugin for that?

Is there a place where we can find bubble architecture guidelines and bubble architects.

Thank you for your help

Not sure about a plugin, but yes, this is definitely possible to do, especially with the new features ChatGPT released the past couple of weeks.

Yes, lots. Bubble has free tutorials, there are tons of youtube videos, lots of training sites etc.

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Personally I would first define what’s the problem to solve.
Does he want to search terms in a large number of database to locate a specific term/file? Or does he want to automatically extract in a normalised key/value pairs relevant accounting data?

My advice: if your client expects chatGPT to run his business and is unable to formalise the business rules => Run.

As a side note, plugins are available to parse invoices, receipts, bank statement and other official W- forms to return normalised values.


Thank you

I’am planning to conduct some interviews with him to clearly define the business rules to be sure that we speak the same language.

I plan to use the configuration bubble + openAI plugin + azure.

Another question about the cost estimation is there some standards in bubble for that?


Define the requirements before defining the solution.

Of course