Building an App in response to COVID-19

Dear community,

As the healthcare systems around the world are facing more and more pressure, urgent solutions helping doctors but also those suffering from COVID-19 are needed.

We - Avi Medical - want to pull together a team that helps to build us an app/web application that tracks the symptoms of the patients and allows doctors to monitor the symptoms of the patients remotely and if needed, directly communicate with the patient.

We need several experienced Bubble developers to volunteer to build the platform within the next few days. You can sign up using this form:

The sorts of features the app will cover are:

  • Signup & Account Management for patient and doctor
  • The ability for patients to fill out a pre-anamnesis questionnaire to get a treatment recommendation
  • Ability to insert data/symptoms (e.g. body temperature etc.) for patients
  • Ability to track the progress of health
  • Ability as a patient to share via OS (share: email, whatsapp, etc.) the data entries and the results with a doctor
  • The ability for the doctor to see and track the patient’s data in a dashboard (Graphs, text)
  • Ability to upload/download files
  • Ability to directly call a doctor from the app