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Building app on bubble

hi , I have two Question

1- What’s Native app exactly ?

2- I heard that your bubble app would have some kind of problem with last update of IOS , is that right ?


No I don’t think so. To make it as an app on the App Store you’ll literally just create a xamarin project in visual studio with a webview.

You want your app to be desktop too? I gotchoo fam

Don’t buy into the app wrappers. It’s a scam.

Not to my knowledge. Check how to build a free wrapper or use a plugin:

2023 - 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

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you know your word makes me more nervous , because I don’t any of the steps to publish your app or website , so what’s the process , and is there any third part in this process

it will help me if you have video on youtube explain the process of publishing your bubble app

You’d honestly do good doing bubbles academy first

So you saying I shouldn’t use something like - the bdk - ?

You can do what you want.

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