Building GDocs Clone - where do I start?

Hey guys, I was advised by the Bubble team to look towards Plugins. I am trying to build a GDocs clone but don’t know where to start! :frowning: any help is appreciated.

Look for @rico.trevisan blog templates, I think you can customize them to make the gdocs.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Thanks, Ankur. You’re too kind.
GDocs! That’s a high bar!

I think one of @thimo 's plugins is more to that style. Actually, it’s more that Notion style. Modern Rich Text Editor (Editor.js) Plugin | Bubble

I’m cooking up a markdown to HTML converter… Your Bubble app


Thank you everyone! I’ve reached out to @Thimo to chat about his plugin :slight_smile:

FYI: I’m a stone’s throw away from releasing a rich text plugin that has collaboration and cursors. Here’s the collaboration demo (currently without the cursors): Bubble | No-code apps

Open it on 2 different devices (or windows, networks, etc…) and type something.

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