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Building Mobile Android and IOS apps from Bubble

Not sure but, does Buble built mobile apps? If so, how can I make sure that wherever I build is a Mobile app (either for android and IOS) and not a web app?

Bubble builds web applications. You can use a third party wrapper to package your Bubble web app into a webview-based hybrid app, but it’s still a web application under the hood.

Hi @jesus.sosa

If you build your web app with the illusion that it’s an app, then no one will see the difference, and you can build 100% your app on Bubble using after a wrapper like Jasonelle or BDK. BDK comes with a plugin, it’s also cool. Jasonelle is free and open source. Pick your choice :slight_smile:

Once your app is built compatible for all screen types, then here’s the link to learn how to switch from web status to Apple and Google Play App. Also welcome to Bubble! :slight_smile:

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android