Building responsive design in old apps design for PC only

I launched my app a few weeks ago, originally designed only for PC. Now, users are requesting a smartphone-friendly option. I need to rebuild it with responsive design. Since both versions will share the same database, can I use the same editor for the new responsive design, or do I need a different approach? I’m seeking verification before proceeding to avoid wasting time.


The beauty of the responsive design tools are you can use the same exact pages, but with graceful changes in width and height layouts depending on user’s screen size.

so youre saying sir that i can build my responsive design on the same editor with my old design.


I want to make my app accessible to smartphone users through a responsive design, while still allowing PC users to access the original version. However, when I attempt to modify the design for responsiveness, it also alters the existing app. So, I’m unsure if it’s possible to build the responsive design using the same editor without affecting the old version. May i ask for a verification on this.


Yes that is correct; your main ‘PC’ version may shift slightly as you align it into a responsive design, but if done correctly your mobile and PC users would be accessing the same page (and you using the same editor) with different layouts that accommodate their screen size.

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