Building Ticketing System - Struggling with Assigning tickets to team member feature

Hi all,

I am trying to build a zendesk clone based on this instruction: How To Build A Zendesk Clone With No Code. So far its super helfpful but I am struggling with one aspect of it:

The assigning tickets to team members feature. When building it the drop down menu in the ticket stays empty and not showing the respective Users who should work through the tickets. I followed the instructions and also played around with different alternatives but I am still not getting it work. Any ideas?


You should send screenshots to help us help you here, especially for the Drop-down (or multi drop-down if
there are multiple team members per ticket) element you’re using to select the team member.

Make sure your privacy rules aren’t impacting your ability to manipulate other user’s data

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indeed the privacy settings have been the problem. Thanks for the support.

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