Building User Profiles With Access Levels

Hi Folks,

Looking at building a tool whereby I Can Manage a Team and their activities. I need the ability to have the lead Admin user (who creates the account), who can then invite the rest of the team via email for that account and (unless granted admin access) is granted read only access to the information provided on screen.

How would I implement this?

Cheers in advance.

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Two easy ways:

  • Include a field for “Role” and set it either Admin, Member, etc. Then, on the page you’d set different elements and workflows to behave differently when current user’s role = admin.
  • Alternatively, you could add a field, “isAdmin = yes/no” and “isMember = yes/no” - then set up logic on the page the same as above. The advantage of this approach is you could enable users to have multiple roles at some point (if that ever makes sense) but the disadvantage is that it’s a bit more complicated to manage.
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