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[Buildshare] Community learning and responsive design resource

Hey there, Bubblers!

We’ve been hard at work at SudsyLabs, and we’re excited to announce the public beta release of Buildshare, a Bubble-powered service enabled by a Chrome extension.

Buildshare aims to save you tons of time and help you get the most out of Bubble’s new responsive engine by providing access to pre-built design elements right within the Bubble editor - where and when you need them.

See it in action below…

Or better yet…

Get the Chrome extension

…and check it out firsthand. (Also works with Microsoft Edge.)

As noted, this is a public beta release, so additional features and functionality will be available over the coming days. We welcome and encourage input, so feel free to contact us with questions or feedback.

Please Note

If you have any Bubble editor pages open when you install the extension, you will need to refresh those pages to start using the extension.






My God! i am loving this !!! Just when i needed it! Thank you so much !!!


Just a note to say that it’s possible some of the working examples on Buildshare could be impacted as Bubble’s new responsive engine, which is currently in beta, continues to evolve and improve. We’d very much appreciate knowing if you encounter any issues - preferably through the Buildshare feedback form.

Thanks much,


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