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Built this in less than 12 hours

Manage all your ideas. Publish to raise funds for launch. It’s simple, easy and free.

Part 1 Made with Bubble & AdobeXD. Less than 12 hours spent.

Watch a DEMO

I really need to talk to Angels & Makers. If anyone would support me on this front I’d appreciate.


43 people clicked the link only 1 put a heart. @maheshkasindi Thank you so much! If I ever monetize this thing, it’ll be free for you! :heart: :fist:

Haha thank you so much man
Actually I’m looking for something like this
I was looking for some webapp or android for something 2days back, but couldn’t find any webapps but some android apps which are having terrible UI but still managed to get 500k+ installs as no serious person or a business have entered into that space. I believe I can get into that space with much better UI and Webapp and Android app. Only thing I’m lacking is funds. Hopefully, you gonna help me get that one thing :wink:

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I hope so too :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when I launch this thing.

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Love the animations for each panel. Well done!

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Thanks man, I appreciate :fist: