Bulk action remove space

Anyone know how to create a bulk action to remove a preceding spaces in data?

I have several hundred Program things uploaded which all have the Field Status either inactive or active. The problem is they all seem to have uploaded with a space in front of the words active or inactive, thereby making the field not useable.

Anyone know how I can create an API workflow to bulk update all of fields Status to remove the extra space in front of the words?

You don’t need to use an API workflow to do this. Just throw a workflow on any page you have, triggered by a Page is Loaded event. Add a Make Change to a list of Things action, then set the type of things to Programs, set the List to Change to be a search for Programs with no filter so it bring them all back and then set Status = This Program’s Status:trimmed

When you load that page, it will take care of your issue and then just delete the workflow.

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