Bulk add 100's of fields to a database?

I want my users to be able to select from a predetermined list of UK towns and cities when they post an event, such as ‘my event is in Bath, UK’. Then, people can search for events in their area, in this case ‘Bath’.

The list will look similar to this;

So, I have two Datatypes (Users, Events) and both need to make use of the location drop down list. Should I have a separate Datatype and have both refer to this, or should I have the full list of 100’s of towns and cities in both datatypes? Also, is there an easier way to add the list of towns and cities to the database rather than one by one manually?

I think, you should separate your datatype for better performance. You can upload data as CSV from Data tab.

You should probably use an option set if the list is predetermined and unlikely to change regularly.

Why make a DB call if you don’t have to. Option sets don’t require “search power”