Bulk data manipulation (Hiring)

Looking for someone who has experience with bulk data manipulation that requires multiple searches for a complex problem we are experiencing with bubble scalability.

Preferably looking for a paid consultation call to bounce ideas on how to solve our issue. Currently running recursive workflow we destroy our database and takes roughly 3 hours to complete.

We’ve played around with data API and it seems like it will be the solution however structuring the data effectively and reducing the searches is the issue.

In short we are creating 5-10k items each with a list called (items) of which has 5-20 connected items in a list.

“thing 1” : id
“items”: [item1, item2, item3, item4]
“thing 2” : id
“items”: [item1, item2, item3, item4,…]
“thing 3” : id
“items”: [item1, item2, item3, item4, …]

The 5k - 10k parent “things” are already created. Now appending the items in a timely manner is the struggle.

I’ve done this before-- it’s a real pain. Do you have a test version set up where you can test recursive workflows safely?

Yea I do.

They big issue is destroying the server to update these records as well as it taking 3 hrs. If you have WhatsApp feel free to ping me I can dm contact.

Current version it only needs to happen 1-2 times a day max. As we scale it’ll happen a few more times.

Unfortunately this is the one issue we need to overcome to go fully live with the app