Bulk Endpoint Improvements

Hey everyone!

We wanted to give you a small update that the bulk create endpoint is now about 8x faster than before! As usual, the speed and number of things you can upload depends on your app capacity and the size of the things you are creating, but we hope that this will enable you to manage your data more efficiently.

In addition to this, we’ve also been working on making bulk operations from the app data tab faster and more reliable. We don’t have any major updates on this front, but you should see some speed improvement with these actions.

Happy Bubbling!


Great news, thank you!

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Great !!! :tada: Thanks !!!

PS: @sravani is in Bubble’s plans to allow bulk edition too?


This is great news. I definitely am seeing a difference in performance. However, the process I have been using successfully for about 18 months to upload files (connected with flatfile.io) is now failing. The data is being uploaded (very quickly!), however, for some reason it is returning an error (not sure of the specific error, the function (err) branch of my Javascript is being triggered). Can you help? Attached is a screenshot of the “code”.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We just rolled out a fix which should address the issue you were experiencing!

This is a massive update that allows us to not be required to move to backendless or firebase and brought things more on par with current technology. This is huge thank you!


Thanks. Can I check the limits on the bulk create are still the same? I.e. Max 1000 items, timeout 4 mins

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I appreciate the quick reply. Unfortunately, I am still encountering the issue. I have opened a support ticket to see if we can can get to the bottom of this.

Thanks @sravani!

Yes, we have the kept the same limits for now (4 min timeout, 1000 items max).

@rohan.sehgal how can i successfully limit the items it’s going to insert if my GET returns the full list, and pagination isn’t working.