Bulk operation on backend workflow sending multiples of sendgrid email

Hi all!

I made a backend workflow to send a sendgrid email out and I ran a bulk operation to send it to users. I’m seeing on sendgrid that the same email keeps repeatedly sending out! Like it sent out to a user on 1/26, 1/28 and 1/31. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to stop it ASAP??? See screenshots attached.

Thank you!


What triggers your WF to send mails? Are there any conditions?

There is no trigger in the workflow. I am triggering it manually with the bulk button. There is one condition in the sendgrid portion of the backend workflow that says 'only send if recipient’s (the user) account is active.

It’s almost like the workflow keeps repeating itself or something??

So bulk WF (via “Bulk” button in the Data tab of your app) should be triggered once.

Have you checked server logs for 1/31 (yesterday) for this WF + user id? There can be some useful info for investigation.

Not yet. But I see in the activity section of sendgrid that the email is being repeatedly sent out. I will check the server logs.

If you are on the personal plan - try to check as soon as possible cause you have 24hrs of logs.

It’s very strange! I checked the Bubble server logs for today and yesterday. No indication that the email in question was sent out. Then when I go to the activity section of Sendgrid from today, I see that another duplicate was sent out today! See the screenshot attached.

Are you clicking this bulk button more than once? Every time you click it, I imagine that it runs on all users who are active, even if they’ve already received the email.

Sendgrid’s activity feed can be confusing.

‘Last event received’ does not necessarily mean that the email was sent. Events could be anything from ‘email opened’ to ‘email clicked’ and more, and these ‘events’ bump the email back to the top of the list.

As you can see, the user in question opened the email three times, so these all counted for events, and bumped the email back up. This doesn’t mean that the email was sent three times.

Ohhh thank you Nico!! Yes I understand now.

And thank you Johnny as well for your question. I only pressed bulk once!

Nico, also, have you ever encountered issues setting up email authentication between google domains and sendgrid? I’ve been trying for weeks and it’s not working!