Bulk SMS Asynchronous send

Hello All,

I’ve done a few searches and am not really finding any solid information for this.

Essentially I am using one of the Twilio plugins through Bubble to send SMS messages.

My current set up is:

  • Click Button
  • Schedule API Workflow on a list
  • Send SMS to each user

With 3k plus recipients this can take quite a lot of time.

My question is has anyone created an asynchronous way to send bulk SMS messages using Bubble and Twilio (or similar)?

Thank you in advance!

In testing, does the backend workflow produce the desired results? Twilio is actually the one processing the request, so I’d assume the workload is going to be on their end. But that’s not to say iterating through your list won’t be tiresome. But there’s only 1 way to know.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, the messages all send, as Bubble works it does one thing at a time. Sending 1 message at a time. This can be painfully slow when trying to get an immediate announcement out, as we are trying to accomplish.

I’m looking for a way to send them all at one go.

Send a Twilio Bulk SMS?

Send 1 Twilio Bulk SMS

Correct I am trying to send 3,000 plus message at a time.

Yea, send a Twilio Bulk SMS.

What’s the best way to do that?

1 second

Are you familiar with the format as text?

Somewhat yes.

try this

Let me know if, in test, it sends to multiple recipients. If not i’ll try something else

I’ll give it a go, my understanding from Twilio’s set up is each phone number has to be it’s own call.

That field doesn’t seem to allow for comma separated values.

Reading their docs, we might need a campaign here.

Do you have a short code or long number? This matters for throughput.

Offload your users to Mailersend SMS by subscribing and unsubscribing. Then use Mailersends new SMS feature. This removes you having to loop through your users in bubble. This is like sending an email campaign with text messages.

Hello, we have a US number currently. If we needed to get a short code for this I could.

Thank you for your input. I’ve looked at a few services like this. However they vary between $0.025 and $0.04 per SMS.
This can add up when sending to mass of users, frequently.

Slightly surprised this is the first time this has been asked.