Business help for my app

I want to make a business based on my app. What are the steps to forming a company around my app and protecting its name/brand?

Do I form an LLC or is there another format like S Corp or C Corp?

Do I trademark my app name?

Until someone answers my questions, I will post relevant info about my inquiry into this thread.

Here I found an article about the benefits of registering as an LLC

Here is an article about registering as a C-Corp if you intend to get investors and venture capitalists

I don’t do any of that stuff until I have paying users. I’ve set up an LLC in Virginia that I use for freelancing and workshops, and I’ll use that as the “parent company” for any of the projects I build that need to accept payment. I don’t worry about trademarking, none of my projects are large enough to justify the cost. I’d recommend not spending all the time on money on these things until you need to.


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