But...why? (misalignment)

Yeah bit of an odd one.

At first I thought it could be accounting for the inclusions of a right hand scroll bar, even when not set to vertical scroll.

But when shrinking down the width, it seems to align itself…odd


it’s worst than what you think… both text elements here are ‘centered’

I’ve been wondering about this too.

I’ve noticed something similar. Thought it was just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of ideas to try:

  • When you drag the element outside the parent element then add it back and re-do the re-centering action, does it still misalign?
  • For the elements, are the sizes easily divisible? (Ex. group is 240 px, text element is 120 px). Rationale may be that something like 243 x 119 throws in an extra rounded pixel or two. But that looks like more than a few pixels…

I noticed the same thing. I deleted the button I was using (that was not centered after I resized the RG it was in) and when I created a new button it was centered.

It appears that it was moved off centered after I resized the element (RG)

Not sure if that helps. I will try taking it outside the element and then moving it back in to see if that works as well.