Button becomes unclickable automatically

I have a button (‘Search’) in my app that triggers a backend workflow. This workflow makes an API call to external services to gather the data and structure it according to my app’s requirements.
The workflow works as expected when I click the Search button first time. After the results are displayed (in a RG), the Search button becomes unclickable automatically. I’m not able to trigger the backend workflow from this button again. I also cannot trigger this WF through another button.
To trigger that WF again, I need to refresh the page.
I did some investigation, and found that the workflow is not triggering as long as it has the API call in it. If I remove the API call, the button remains clickable and workflows are triggered. (I have done the basic checks - conditionals, hidden elements overlap etc.)
Never seen this behaviour before and all of a sudden it has started happening.

Any ideas on how to handle this (even a workaround) would be appreciated.

Do you have any input fields used in the API call which get reset in the workflow and are set to ‘This input should not be empty’. I know its a basic check but it sometimes slips.

Does the actual state of the button become ‘unclickable’, or does the workflow not run once clicked?

hey @nico.dicagno,
i have checked for these situations. There is only one condition which makes the button unclickable and that is evaluating to False. However, the button’s in-built ‘isn’t clickable’ property evaluates to True once the API call is made and results displayed on the page. I have to reload the page to be able to make another API call

If you are sure that the button should be clickable but it isn’t, your best approach is to contact Bubble support.

If you share a few screenshots of your setup, we might be able to help more easily.

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