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Button breaks when certain variables are added

My button has a hover effect, but when I add some variables to create something in database, the hover effect doesn’t work and the button itself is a lighter colour (however, the button does work correctly).

Oddly, the button colour is the colour I set to be shown when the button is not clickable. Yet, despite the button being the ‘not clickable’ colour, the button is clickable and works fine!

See the image below showing my variables. Note that if I add just date, featured image and colour variables, the button looks correct, but when I add anything to do with location, such as postcode, the button breaks?

Hey there @darren.james7518,

Check your conditionals and the prioritization of them.

I checked everything, it’s so strange. I ended up creating a new button with the colour for is not clickablea darker colour so now the button has no hover effect but at least is the right colour!