Button clicked once, request sent twice

Before I submit this as a bug, I want to make sure there’s no error in my workflow and that I’m not misunderstanding something.

  1. Please visit this request catcher page.
  2. Now go to this Bubble page and click the Send Request button.
  3. Notice that 2 requests are sent even though the button was clicked once.
  4. Subsequent button clicks send only a single request.
  5. Refresh the Bubble page, click the button, and 2 requests are sent.

It seems that the first button click after a page reload/refresh triggers 2 requests. As far as I can tell from the workflow, that shouldn’t happen. If someone has time to double check my workflow, I’d greatly appreciate it!

You can view the implementation here:

Any help or insight appreciated!

EDIT: You can refresh the request catch page to start anew.


Hi Steve,

The very first time I ran this, I got only 1 request at step 3. Then I refreshed and step 5 was as you say. I closed both tabs and tried again and this time step 3 was also as you say.

I don’t have visibility of the plug-in you’re building but my only thought is that perhaps there is some sort of initialisation you need to do to clear any existing requests?

Thanks for taking the time, @louisadekoya. I’m nearly certain it has nothing to do with the plugin, as it just sends a POST request via the built-in API functionality (same as the API Connector).

Interestingly, if the workflow is changed to not save data to the DB, it works as expected. It seems something about the workflow is causing it, but I can’t see what. Storing some data shouldn’t trigger the request again, as far as I can tell.


That is indeed strange. I too can’t see anything in the workflow that should cause this. It does sound like Bubble support might be your best bet, but perhaps someone else will spot something.

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