Button doesn't work sometimes?

Hey Forum,

I’ve got a button on a page that’s used by everyone, but sometimes the button doesn’t work. I’ve checked everything. It set up correctly, there are no conditions, it’s visible all of the time, nothing is covering it, there are no “only when’s.”

I’m stuck. Whenever I try to troubleshoot, I can’t replicate the issue. I’ve even changed my screen resolution, tried everything I can think of… Any ideas on what to try next?


Two possibilities:

  1. You may be using a fixed setting for the page and there may a “rogue” group being placed on top of the button thus rendering it unfunctional

  2. There may be inputs that are set to be mandatory and that may be part of a flow that the button triggers and uses. If you change those inputs not to be required your button should function with no problems.

Damnit lol. I never learned how to do the newer responsive engine. HAHAH