Button glitch - click action only works occationally

I’m experiencing something super bizarre. I have a button that works, but only occasionally. I have two UIs, and copied #1 to make #2. The button on #2 will work sometimes, but then will randomly stop triggering the workflow. If I got to page #1, and use the button (which works), and then go back to page #2 and use the button, the button will start working again. Any thoughts?

Perhaps you could share the workflow for both instances?

If not - is #2 dependent on #1 at all? As in, does any of its features require #1 to be triggered first?

You may also want to check your “Only when” condition on the workflow (if any).

In terms of design (this one’s just a guess) - you could also check if there are any overlapping group on button #2 that hinders you from clicking the button fully.

Hey - really appreciate the reply here. I think I figured out the reason… #2 was requiring an input box to be filled (which is a condition), even though that never tripped up #1. Super weird why it’s only happening on #2, but just removed the “cannot be empty” requirement on #2 and it’s been working. I still believe it’s a bug, but at least for now I was able to fix the weird behavior.

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