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Button inconsistency Browser vs Mobile

I am having a problem with the performance of a button. Seems simple enough…

The app worked perfectly when in the browser in Dev and Live mode.

When I use the app within a mobile or mobile emulator, I get different results. I have removed the button, recreated it, cleared the workflow, published the results several times, but the problem is always there.

In Image 1 below the browser preview of the live app and the mobile emulator look and work the same. When the first Blue Button (about this app) is selected, the emulator (and my phone) always comes up with the wrong display even though the URL is correct (image 2).

Any clue to what is going on?


Image 1:

Image 2:

You are welcome to try this out for yourselves…

Update… I use Responsive Web Design Tester as a Chrome Plug in to view mobile devices in real time on my desktop. I noticed that when I select the test iPhone 6, my link about does not work correctly. When I select the Nexus 7, the link works.

In the real world, the same URL on my phone (image 1 below) produces a different result than my browser (image 2 below).


Image 1

Image 2

Do you have a specific mobile page set up, and maybe it’s getting loaded on accident?

Thank you… You are correct. I know the answer would be simple enough. That was the problem… an incorrect reference in the mobile setting on just that page.

Consider this case closed.


Hooray! I had that problem once, it took me a while to figure out what it was. Glad it was a simple issue!

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