Button is invisible in repeating group

Hi -

I added repeating group with a button in one of the cells. However, repeating group and button is invisible in preview mode. I ran debuger and it shows that it’s invisible. Is this a normal condition?


There are two potential issues at play.

  1. You need to define a data source for your repeating group (ie. a “Do a search for”) as in the screenshot below
  2. You’ve defined a data source, but you either do not have data in your system that matches this type. Or you’re constraints are disqualifying relevant data when you expect it to be visible.

I have a LearnTo lesson that covers this in more detail. Here’s a direct link to the video.

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Did you check if the below option is ticked?


thanks for your help. I did not have any data in my backend so data source was not defined. My newbie mistake :slight_smile:

No worries, all part of the learning process.

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