Button isn't working - that's based on user types

I’m trying to get the ‘DASHBOARD’ button to take the user to a different page depending on what type of user they are.

I have 3 user types; instructor, student and label and I want to direct each user to their respective dashboard when they click the button on the header. In the condition part of the workflow, I’ve put “Current User’s user_type is student” where the word “student” is just typed in. I’m wondering if this is wrong.

The workflow should in theory work - but when I click the actual website, nothing happens. it doesn’t load.

If you have any ideas how it fix it, that would be appreciated.


When you tested it in preview mode, were you definitely logged in as a user with a defined User Type?

Yes and I’ve also tested it in live mode, being logged in as a ‘student’ user type, pressed the ‘DASHBOARD’ button and nothing happens. It’s strange.

Have you checked what the debugger is saying when you run it in preview?

So it works intermittently. I’ve tried it again and it does work, then another time it doesn’t work. I’ll have a look at the debugger :slight_smile:

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