Button not hiding

Hello, I’m having a rather strange behaviour of hiding element.

This button is visible by default
It has one ‘when’ condition that should make it invisible and set font size to 2px

And this is how the button looks, it is still visible, but the font size changes.
I just added the font changing to see if ‘when’ condition is being triggered correctly.
So how could it be that font changes, but the button is still visible, what am I missing here :sweat_smile:


Thank you!

Is this a button or a group or other element posing as a button?

Is collapse when hidden checked?

Yes, ‘collapse when hidden’ is enabled, and it’s other element, a button+ plugin , do you think it could be because of that?

Could be but I dont know.

Clone amd convert it to regular button and see if this behavior persists.

Have you previously used the worflow action ‘Show/Hide an element’ or ‘Animate an element’ on the button?
If you run these actions on an element, then conditional visibility gets disabled because it would lead to quite a few problems.

Thank you, indeed it was simply the +button plugin issue.

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