Button on Repeating Group 4 Choices

I have a button in a repeating group that is to be used to call and external website… The website that it calls will depend on a value in the repeating group cell… The click event for the button is where my question is. I could do this with 4 different buttons, but I would like to do with a single one. How in the workflow can I stipulate which of the 4 websites to send that click to?


Is the value in the repeating group cell coming from a value in your Bubble database?

@andrewgassen No, it is coming off of an api…

If you know in advance what the four possible values are, you can use a conditional on the button press for the workflows, using the “Only When” operation.

I did that on the button press, and made 4 different ‘open external website’ actions, and put the conditional in each one… Is that what you meant? If so, it then causes and error that says ‘Open an external website must be the last action in the workflow’… @andrewgassen

I’d maybe try using the condition on the button press event itself, so you’d have 4 different button press events, one for each condition.

That worked! Thank you. @andrewgassen

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Yay! Glad that worked!

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