Button remains active even after conditional applied

Hi Everyone,
I am coming across this small problem and cannot find the way out, pls help.

In this RG, i intend to Toggle off the record so that it may not remain editable anymore. When i toggle off, the edit button is disabled, but as the page refreshes, edit button becomes active again though the toggle remains off.

below is the conditional i have applied.

Would be great if somebody can help

Use the debugger.

What’s the state of the Condition on the debugger when the toggle is off and the edit icon is clickable?

Thanks @jmalmeida

Kindly have a look if its making any sense to you.


So, the toggle closed’s checked is not yes. That ‘checked’ is a Custom state? that would explain why it’s not persistent and it’s not yes when refreshing the page.

Canvas and Ionic toggles have an in-built property called ‘is checked’, that’s what you should be checking against. See the conditions in my screenshots.