Button Roundness Everywhere!

Has anyone noticed recently that every button with 0 roundness automatically has a roundness of about 5px when displayed on the page (both preview and live)?

Is this a Bubble change or something else? Or am I just seeing things…


Daniel, to start with, which browser are you using? Which operating system?

I can’t say that I’ve noticed that and I use Safari.

Browsers can style things weird all the time… Case in point, Safari on Mac makes a mess of Dropdown menus (it ignores any designed CSS and replaces it with shitty looking system drop downs).

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Yes roundness under OS Chrome, in this example after the second button.

06 PM

and Safari 0 roundness, Windows 2016 Server Chrome 0 roundness…

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That’s what I was thinking. Slightly annoying but oh well. Cheers guys

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@dbevan The problem is with the roundness=0, it work well if you put roundness=1 (make square even in the editor, at least in Chrome). Partial solution :wink: