Button text not displaying in repeating group

I have an issue with the text on a button in a repeating group not displaying. When the page loads, the text flashes up momentarily but then disappears. Only the text on the first button remains visible:

I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this. Can anyone help?


Either there is a conditional that updates the text of the button or height of the button is right at the limit of hiding the text based on paddings and what not.

Simply, make the button a few pixels wider and higher if there is no conditionals.

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Hi, I checked the conditionals. The only conditional in place is colour change on hover. I have tried removing this and the text still doesn’t display. I have changed the height and width of the button but that did not work either.

The strange thing is that the text displays on the first button in the group but none of the other buttons. They all have the same conditionals and sizes.

Share a link to your preview page and/or editor… that’s the only way anyone other than you will be able to see what’s going on here…