Buttons not working behind Hidden Groups

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what is going on i have a different app that i built the exact same way 6 months ago that works perfectly find so im not sure if a update causes this but i have buttons in a header that i am not able to click because the group that the button is opening if hidden(not visible) over top of the button. I also have Back buttons that have the same issue. A log out button because my sign in button is setup to be (not visible) when current user is logged in and so on is there a way to fix this is this caused because im using the free plan while building as my other app was a paid plan. Thanks for any help

Hi @workinman07vid,

Try doing:

  1. Bringing element to front
  2. Collapse hidden groups

Thanks for the quick reply I have seen that suggestion a few places but I’m not sure how to do it since one of the recent updates. I can’t find the collapse group check mark anymore and not sure how to bring the element to front did those get moved to the responsive editor.

If the parent group of the button you’re talking about is set as a column or row, you should be able to collapse the button when hidden. I’d check if the parent group is ‘fixed’.

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