Buttons unclickable dependencies

hi there

I hafe 5 buttons and i need to be able to limit the combinations. if a certain combination is not possible the button should be greyed out in such a way that the user can’t make that selection.

any idea whats the easiest way to make this in bubble?

Schermafbeelding 2023-10-09 152412


You’ll need to create conditions on each button, when Button A value is ‘0’, Button is unclickable, and work your way through each combination for each Button.

Hi @msgiblin

But what for all the combinations that are not mentioned. these should always be unclickable. I should do the opposit, when v then make it clickable. But that seems to be not possible.

If I understand correctly, there’s a total of 32 potential combinations possible with 5 buttons, which you’re wanting to limit to a subset less than that. What I’d recommend doing first is thinking through the logic. Is there a particular button that anytime it’s been selected, another button by default will never need to be selected? If you can narrow down these cases it may be a bit simpler to implement.

Additionally, if the order the buttons are clicked is an important part of the workflow, is it possible to instead have the user work their way from button 1 to button 5? Meaning they can only interact with button 1 until it’s been selected, and once it has you only allow button 2, etc?

I hope this helps - I’m not super familiar with your use case so if you can give examples of similar forms it may be easier to envision.