Buttons work above input but not below

Here’s a weird one.

I have a multiline input field.

Above it I have button that does three things.

  1. It sets the state of the group tabs (e.g. sets it to tab1, tab2, etc)
  2. Scrolls back up the page so that people can see the new instructions (set by the set state and going to a page element minus 100)
  3. Saves/updates the content of the multiline input

If I position the button above the multiline text input everything works perfectly, but if I move it to below the multiline text box it doesn’t work properly. It just scrolls up the multiline text box a bit. If I then click the button a second time it does what it is supposed to do. Clearly, I can’t expect users to have to click on the button twice.

Anyone got any ideas why a button would work fine when positioned above, but not below a multiline text input?

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