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Buttons working only sporadically on wider resolutions

Hello all,

I seem to have encountered a problem and I really don’t see any way of resolving this. Whereas I have a couple of buttons on a relatively simple single page app that seem to work just fine on both my private and work laptop, on larger screens (not sure whether this is the issue, but that’s been the commonality, one was a mac and the other a windows laptop hooked to a large screen) however the buttons only work after clicking a couple of times on them.

It is not impossible to get them to work, but users need to often click on them a couple of times. the click registers (I have conditionals like a background color change that do happen) but the workflows don’t “activate”. There seems to also be some weird things going on with the formatting (it capitalizes the button text on click on my friends’ pc, does not do this at my end.)

Anyone has any idea as to the cause of this? I only found It out myself because I showed my app to a friend with a larger screen. I had issues when trying it on a large, old mac computer but just attributed it to the age of the device and maybe it needing a browser update.

It’s very weird as it’s not like the buttons do not work at all, just the workflows only activate in about 20% of the time. On my own laptops, one private chrome one and a windows laptop from work, my app seems to work just fine. This makes it hard to reproduce the issue but it is definitely there.

The workflows are also not super complicated. 1 is just hiding and displaying a group, the other is setting a state of a button…

I’m very excited about bubble and it’s possibilities, but issues like this make it hard to stay that way. Not very good that when I demo an app I built on Bubble to show people how amazing it is, it is so buggy to the point of being unuseable… :confused: