Buying an MDT / CAD

Buying a 10$ - 20$ CAD / MDT, need full access, need to try it out before buying it. Have no time for scammers

Hello sir my name is knight and my company sales CAD/MDT systems of you would like one pls head here and we also have free ones if you don’t want to play but go to our discord and we will talk
If you need a cad/mdt, website, car skin for gta 5, Car Model For Gta 5 Or logo join our discord today. We make custom cads and websites we also do logos and car skins join our discord today. we have a free version of our cad

Hello i am the owner of HSH aka Hex Server Hosting,

Here at hsh we sell cads,websites,etc we can even make you custom cads or you can use one of our cads the cads we have currently are: DOJRP New Style, DOJRP Old Style,etc join our discord to get a free demo!

Pricing starts at $7
one time: $20

Founder of HSH.

Joined Bubble a day ago and you’ve already built CADs? This sounds like a reselling of the DOJ Codurly CAD. Another’s tip is to revisit those English grammar books.

nope i’ve actually been on bubble longer but never created an account on the forums and i am not reselling. their cads are specifically copyrighted atleast that’s what i’ve heard my friend tried reselling them and got in trouble for it that’s why i am not doing so i am making doj style cads (new versions) if DoJ tells me that i can’t sell them then i won’t sell them. but DoJ made the new cad not codurly so codurly can’t tell us if we need to stop. now if DoJ Dev’s do then that’s a different story.

You aren’t allowed to resell a Bubble app you haven’t built.

well i have stopped that and am making my own cad. like legit. it’s a slow process but i’m getting there.

Wise choice!

why thank you :slight_smile: but still. it’ll be a long process but atleast it’ll be something CUSTOM and not doj or stuff like that

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