Cablegram - Earn Gold & Bitcoin for Writing Stories

Hello all,

I’d like to share an application I’ve built:


Cablegram is a financial news platform that pays contributors physical gold and/or bitcoin for their stories.

Considering current stock market valuations are on par with the bubbles of 1929 & 2000, I wanted to create a free market news outlet rooted in Austrian economics that better explains the real causes of the boom/bust cycle.

(For anybody interested - the Austrian school of economics promotes free markets & states that manipulating interest rates causes speculation & malinvestment.)

Contributing authors are paid 50% of each article’s ad revenue via Coinbase (bitcoin) & Goldmoney (gold).

Right now you can pre-sign up. If anybody here subscribes to free market principles or has an interest in economics, finance, cryptocurrencies, etc. I welcome you to take a look.

General feedback is also welcome.


Love the UI great job!

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Awesome! And hey, if you want writers to split value with you, you may find them at these places and
Try searching the related communities (subreddits) because you’re looking for a more mature writers than the average meme-poster around.
Also, going around the social media of would be a nice thing, because there already are a ton of writers involved in these organizations and they already have audience and content. Maybe you could somehow empower them through your platform.
At last, can also be a good fishing point for you.

I’m focusing more on the economics aspects of it, but you can totally go into the cryptocurrency subreddits and their ecosystem to fish for writers too or somehow involve their platforms with yours to embolden the impact.

Great ideas. Will do just that. Thank you.

@csblack Great work on the UI!

Can I ask what font you used? It’s really clean and professional.

Thanks. Poppins (500) & Muli

One UX issue I found with the sign-up form in the homepage from mobile.

I tapped the button “Get early access” 3 times thinking it would open a pop-up or take me to another page. At first I thought it was a bug.
Then I realised that there is a field on top to add email address.

You might want to make it more evident that it’s a form field.

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Beautiful UI, amazing app idea. Very solid.

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Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

Just pushed this live and took down the pre-signup in case anybody else is interested.

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