Caching S3 audio files for faster performance?

I’m using the Custom Audio Player plugin but there is a noticeable gap between audio clips due to the file loading from S3. The player pulls from a group with type “clip”. I tried to pre-load the next clip into a separate group “clip buffer” and then display data to the main group on a clip change.

BUT I’m noticing that while I may have reduced the database query time by some negligible number, the files themselves are still loading from the S3 URL when the Custom Audio Player gets them and causing a delay on larger file sizes.

Is there any way to cache these files in the browser? Some sort of fifo buffer for the current, next, and previous clip? Or is there another plugin that can handle this behavior?

Anybody know of an audio plugin that has this pre-load capability?

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Looks like I have some reworking ahead of me! Straight from the plugin page: “You can preload files to reduce loading times…”

Thanks @christo1!

You’re very welcome. I use it in my app with good success

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