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Hello, I am the owner of a server called “CAD Central”. Here we giveaway tons of CAD’s and you may think there must be a catch? No, we giveaway CAD’s for free daily the main purpose of our server is to trade CAD’s so you don’t have to go out and purchase such expensive CAD’s from companies when you can trade yours for new ones. We have some of the most rarest CAD’s within the CAD industry. CAD Central is about anything and everything concerning CAD’s. Developers from around the whole industry come here together to create there own projects with others. We have our own CAD Support Team and CAD Support area. I think you should join if you would like to you can join us via our discord server.

Some pictures of our work:

Can I have one for my sever

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Hello Mr. Tuxz. I am the head administrator for a developing FiveM RolePlay server and we are looking for a top-notch CAD that is easy to use, has all the aspects we need as a server, and that is unique and looks nice. I am interested in the CAD you have shown and I am waiting for a response from the owners and administrators of the server. I attempted to join your server but the invite link is no longer valid. Could you resend the link? The only thing is I think we would be more inclined to pay for a CAD instead of trade.

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can i get a new invite code?

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Sorry for the long delay,